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Most built environments rely heavily on stairs. While elevators and ramps both exist, many designers choose not to use them. As of late 2020, only 29% of London's Tube stations were step-free (80 out of 272), with work underway in 12 more stations.

Mind Your Step aims to provide step-free access to as many London Underground stations as possible. The objective is to decide how to best select the next batch of stations to be converted into step-free.
The purpose of this project is to maximize the number of step-free passenger journeys. A total national budget constraint is fixed for the next batch of 12 stations, while the cost of conversion to step-free depends on the station's category. Also, the impact of service changes during a trip between two stations is omitted in the analysis of step-free journeys.

Initially, the network's structure is generated, and the stations are classified by their type (step-free or non step-free) and popularity (arriving / departing passengers). The journeys can then be identified as fully or partially step-free. Finally, the optimisation model is implemented in Python, using NetworkX, Pandas and PulP.
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